4G Subscribers Will Exceed 700 Million in China in 2016

CATR (China Academy of Telecommunication Research) recently announced that China's 4G subscribers will exceed 700 million this year, of which the ratio (over 50%) is higher than that of 2G/3G subscribers.

According to CATR, 4G signal blind zone in China is cut down gradually and 4G base stations have boasted nearly 50% of the total mobile base stations. China has speeded up the deployment of CA & VoLTE and made mobile Internet customer experience better in traffic-intensive areas.
China has constructed the largest telecommunication network in the world. Mobile networks have covered main cities and towns in China with over 1.8 million base stations. The mobile Internet access traffic keeps growing explosively with average monthly traffic data per subscriber being raised from 81 MB in 2011 to 389 MB now.
In addition, CATR estimated that cellular M2M device subscribers will maintain a growth of over 50% in China, exceeding 100 million.